Horror, Paranormal, Young Adult

The House by Christina Lauren

24885831This book is really hard for me to review. I want to gush about it. I want to tell you all about the dreams I had last night after finishing the book, but I can’t without spoiling some goodies. So I’ll just give you a quick run down.

The House by Christina Lauren pulls you in immediately. The main character, Delilah, has a dark side that she tries to keep to herself – which if any of you readers know me, I love the dark and creepy. So the main character and I immediately had things in common. However, she was brought back home from a school across the country because her parents weren’t able to afford it anymore. Delilah wasn’t exactly thrilled to be back home… until her eyes landed on him. Gavin Timothy.

Before she was sent off to the school out east, she got into a fight with some kids who were picking on Gavin. He was a strange kid, grew up in a strange house, but to Delilah, he was perfectly out of the norm.

Now that she is back home, her protectiveness over Gavin returns just as strong as ever, maybe even more. You can feel their connection immediately. The strange and supernatural world she loves and he lives in causes a connection they don’t realize at first. She wants to know him, be near him, understand him. He however is hesitant to let her in, now matter how much he wants to, afraid – not of her – but for her. But when they finally give in to their feelings and he brings her into his life, she isn’t as prepared as she thought she would be.

At first she is intrigued by this mystical and magical place. It’s a fantasy land come true… until it isn’t. She is face to face with something dark and sinister. Something that is just as protective and possessive of Gavin as she is.

This book was an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and the dark lure in the story. If you are into horror/fantasy/paranormal, this is a great book to dig into!

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