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The Spirit by Harper L Jameson – ARC Review


The Spirit by Harper L Jameson – 5 stars

The Spirit is Harper L Jameson’s debut novel. For those who do not know me, my favorite genres are new adult, horror, suspense, thriller, and romance. The Spirit is paranormal romance. I have read the occasional paranormal romance book (mostly in the young adult genre), but none have compared to the intricate detail that Harper has weaved into this Native American tale.

Everyone, welcome to Wright’s Holler. It’s freaking magical!


Okay, okay. Exaggeration. It’s no Hogwarts, but I loved the magical elements in the holler, and the author described it so vividly, you felt like you were in another magical realm.

This story had me sucked in from the very beginning. The imagery is so vivid. I felt like I was right there with the characters. Annie Wright is the witch of the holler, creating medicines for the sick and forecasting the seasons for the people of McAllen to prepare.

But this time, there is no way to prepare for what is coming. And then she meets Wes.

Wes is a beast of a man… Or should I say god. To the Native Americans, he is called the Great Spirit or Weshemaneto. He sees her calling for help, not for her, but for them. For the people of her town. And he has a way to save her, and the people of McAllen. But in his mind, she is the most important one for him to save. He has an undeniable pull to her when he sees her in the flame, calling in his native tongue.

Wes still didn’t know why he couldn’t walk away from her, why her every frown disturbed him. Why he needed to make her smile and sigh and cry his name, but it was a demand from deep within his own spirit and there would be no denying so innate a compulsion.

And there really is no denying it. Their magic calls to each other in a powerful current that you can feel with the turn of the pages. I was enthralled with this book, and I honestly didn’t think I would be. But I was sucked into the plot line. The fight of Annie for her town and Wes for his tribe, the desire for each other, and battle to somehow win both.

Shep, Annie’s lifelong friend, doesn’t approve of Wes. He stands firm in God, carrying the Bible with him always, and no Native American god will cause his faith to falter. He is skeptical to let such a man near Annie, let alone be okay with the bargain made, but his townspeople need safety. And when all hell breaks loose,Shepherd Ansley is the one you want by your side.

“I killed one man today. Think he mighta’ been one of yours. Figure the strain’s already on my hands, little more ain’t gonna make Hell no hotter for me.” – Shepherd Ansley

You will not be disappointed, although you might want to kick/punch/shake the author, but isn’t that the point of a good book? To get you so lost in the story that you need more – you need answers? Right then and there? Yeah. She definitely had me worked up with the way she left things.

I’m giving this wonderful story (and the first of a series) a 5 out of 5 stars! I would have knocked it down to a full four due to the writing style. It is different, with longer sentences that what is typical. Run-on? Maybe… However, with the time and place of this magical tale, it worked for me, but I know it will likely bother some readers. HOWEVER, this book had me welling up with tears on three occasions. They didn’t spill over, but if a book gets me all bleary-eyed, it usually gets a 5. So, FIVE STARS it is! Way to go Harper on your debut novel!

Pre-order a kindle copy of The Spirit now!


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