Tell Me Where It Hurts by J R Rogue – ARC Review


Tell Me Where It Hurts – 5 stars

This hurt. My chest was aching as I read about the sorrow, heartache, and daily struggles. About all the places we hate to go inside ourselves. To taste those sore spots all over again.

J R Rogue has always been one of my favorite poets, but this book… It will cut you hard and deep. You’ll feel the tragedies and the self doubt that lingers inside all of us. You’ll fall under waves of guilt and regret, but most importantly the truth. The words so many of us have stayed silent over. Zipping our mouths shut, praying that if none of us make a sound then it never really happened. We hope to live in the stable home of silence.

But this book is not silent.


Okay. Now that I’m back from that…

Intimacy is out of the question.
First times require shots.
I jumped ship twice
when the threat of a ring hopped on board.
I always have one hand on the ledge.

& if you won’t push me I’ll find
an excuse
to let go.

Tell Me Where It Hurts is built on the backbone of powerful emotions, drilling down into the nitty gritty of life. There is no filter. From the most brutal moments people have lived through and dealt with, to the day-to-day struggles with anxiety and depression. We all have our bad moments. We’ve all lived through terrible things. And we still do.

The hardest part about this book of prose was reading about the abuse. I know it’s out there and we need to speak openly about it. Abuse is not okay, and no one who has endured such things should stay silent. However, that doesn’t make it easier to read about. It breaks my heart knowing that people can relate to such awful circumstances with people they should be able to trust.

He buried the little girl that lived inside
of me before she had a chance to smile all
of her smiles.


The point of this book: you are not alone in your feelings.

Where we say grace, & I pray to a
God that does not answer me.
Where I smile pretty, & perfect.
Where I will
myself undamaged.

My fantasies are
folded into paper planes.
They fly away the way I wish to.

This book of prose is far better than her first – not to make her first book of poetry, La Douleur Exquise, sound like it was bad. I found her first book to be fantastic, but I was swallowed up in this, utterly consumed. So, read this book. Grab some tissues and maybe a box of chocolates. It’s going to hurt.

Add Tell Me Where It Hurts to your to-read list on Goodreads.

Release date is July 19th.


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