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Every Pane of Glass by H B Stumbo – ARC Review


Every Pane of Glass by H B Stumbo – 4 stars

This book was… Wow. I’m amazed with H B Stumbo. New fan!!!

Val returns to sell her old family home. She doesn’t have a reason to hold onto the past anymore, and after eight years of waiting, she has finally decided to return to her home town and put the house up for auction. During her time there, she meets Anderson – the young photographer who had moved to Devil Town a few years back.

Sometimes the choices we make are a direct results of something bigger than us.

They grow closer together, and as they do, her past creeps up on her. Jordan, her ex and a big part of the reason she ran from Devil Town is hot on her heels. He needs to talk to her, but she refuses to give him a second of her time. This was the guy who crushed her completely. She wasn’t going to give him another opportunity to ruin her again.

But H B Stumbo isn’t done with us as far as a simple romance/love triangle. And then she just… she just… I will not give spoilers, but…


Stumbo has a way of keeping the reader guessing! I was constantly on my toes, analyzing what was happening and considering all the possibilities. She doesn’t disappoint!!

This book started out with the return to Devil Town. It was slow moving. It was a gentle current of her returning to her past, her old life, and working to rid herself of the memories and pain that managed to linger after eight years of trying to escape. But her past goes deep and isn’t easily bled out.

Once a Deviler, always a Deviler.

EPoG picks up pace around halfway through the book. After that, I really didn’t want to put it down! I could tell that Stumbo was even getting into the story more by her writing alone, and I love when you can feel the writers excitement for the story oozing off the pages. I could tell she loved where she was taking things. The characters were filling out in my mind with each page turn.

The world isn’t always cruel and sometimes there are good people hidden in awful places.

I really enjoyed this book. The last 20% was astounding, and kept you on your toes. Just when you’re coming down from a big reveal, another slams into you, and you’re left breathless. I refuse to give any spoilers because… Well, those are the bane of a readers existence. So when you get a chance, pick up this book and give it a read. You might just become a Deviler yourself.

Available now on Amazon!


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