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The Friend Zone (Game On #2) by Kristen Callihan

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The Friend Zone (Game On #2) by Kristen Callihan – 4.5 stars!

The Friend Zone is just that and perfectly put together!! The tension between them as they think about each other in ways that are more than just friends. The desire to always be friends, but craving a deeper connection with the one person you can’t ever dream of losing. So you fight to stay just friends for fear of what the next step my cost you.

This is the second book in the Game On series and follows Drew’s best friend, Gray. And I loooooove Gray!! I think maybe more than Drew. But I think I liked Drew’s story a little more. The first half was fantastic and I was melting into all that is Gray. The second half seemed a little slow for me. I was hoping for more angst when the first book had a good amount nearly all the way through, but this one fell short a bit in that regard. However, I still love Gray, and I still enjoyed this book.

Gray and Ivy. They just clicked right into the most perfect relationship. And literally, clicked. They started out texting since Ivy’s dad lent Gray her car. She asked for his phone number, threatened him to behave while using her car… And so it all began.

I want to give you everything. Every experience you ever dreamed of.
And things you never knew you wanted.

Ivy is a sports girl through and through, and Gray is immediately enthralled. He is the best friend she never had. Their chemistry is on point. Ivy is tall and grew up around football. She is willing to fight back, and play hard… And Gray loves it. She is feisty and honest, and is ready to tackle when it’s time to play rough! In the most adorable way of course…


As with the first book in this series, the man definitely is the strong point of the story! Gray had me all over swooning with his texting style, his cheesy jokes, and his boyish charm, I fell… Hard. I kept thinking, where has this guy been all my life!! But Ivy is everything he never knew he was looking for. A girl friend. A girlfriend.

This book was Captivating. Romantic. Toe-curling. Amazing.

How many girls have been looking for a guy like this? A guy who is your best friend. A guy who is willing to take care of you. A guy who makes you laugh. A guy who can cook – mmmm. A guy who is physically fit and flaunts it. A guy who can love you, oh, so thoroughly. Maybe even twice on Tuesdays. 😉

Oh, my, Gray-Gray…

Go ahead. Read this book. Try to resist Gray’s charm.

Available now on Amazon!


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