Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes


Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes – 5 horrifying stars

Hypnotic. Captivating. Intriguing.

I had to purchase this book after seeing that the KING (Stephen King) recommended it with a review of “Scary as hell and hypnotic. I couldn’t put it down….I’d grab it if I were you.”

Of course, he was right. This book starts out with a murder unlike any others Detective Versado has seen. Half boy. Half deer. Somehow held together as one. Where are the missing pieces to both? Why would someone create such a monstrosity? What’s worse? More bodies are discovered and much more disturbing.

The way Beukes wrote this is brilliant. Weaving through a web of people who are so different from each other. She brings to horrifying light the permanence of social media, the violence that lurks in others and inside ourselves, and the desire to be known or seen by the world. Social media is a powerful force now-a-days, and so many of us overlook the impact it can have on everyone.

It’s not the world that’s the stage – it’s social media, where you’re trying to put on a show. The rest of your life is rehearsals, prepping in the wings to be fabulous online.

You enjoy these characters in all their different mentalities. Gabi – Detective Versado, Sparkles, Layla – Versado’s daughter, Jonno, Clayton, TK, Ramon. These characters pull you in and entrance you.

This book was amazing, utterly terrifying and oddly intriguing. It left me utterly breathless. While I wanted to keep reading and digging and getting answers, I also had to put the book down – much like when I read books by Stephen King. They get under your skin and fester. And God, this book had my skin twitching with unease.

Intense. Nerve-wracking. Horrific.

This is the way the world is now. Everything is public.
You have to find other people who understand.

I was baffled and amazed and so enraptured with this story. I don’t want to spoil anything about this book, so I’m going to stop my ramblings right here. An excellent read! Definitely not one you should pass up!

Available now on Amazon!



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