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Degrees of Distortion by Aimee McNeil

Degrees of Distortion by Aimee McNeil – 2 stars

Part 1 of my review:

I was fortunately enough to win an ARC kindle copy of this book from the author. Unfortunately, I really had to push myself to get into this book. I made it to 20% before I got so frustrated with the content, and had to write the following:

I’m so frustrated!

  1. The author tells how this main character is coping with the loss of her boyfriend (snippets of memories here and there), but I am not feeling it… Like, at all.
  2. For a 24 year old, she acts childish and innocent… And not in the totally adorable New Girl kind of way.
  3. For a girl on the run from strange men who apparently know her mother from what you would call “another life,” who break into her mothers house when she is there and on the phone with her mom – who suddenly tells her where to find a bunch of cash and a key to a secret place – she doesn’t seem terrified or cautious.
  4. The first meeting with her neighbor is the strangest meeting that moves way too fast, filled with a “dark” man that ignites Lexie’s crazy lust, where he is shirtless, nearly kisses her, goes home to get a shirt, fixes her sink, then decides to play Black Jack (winner answers a question), giving her two hands of 21 cards just to tell her that he’s a cop and that he’s attracted to her, but suddenly has to leave before he ****s her over the table.
  5. Then we hear that she slept with her dead boyfriend’s brother because he “needed her,” and while she seemed a little put off at first, she went through with it.
  6. The second night in the new town she takes a practically naked selfie in her neighbor’s bed after breaking into his house and SENDS IT TO HIM. Granted, she was drinking wine, but still! I might be okay with the breaking into his house to find out if she can trust this person or if he is secretly after her and her mom. But the random sexting selfie? For why?


I can’t relate to this girl. At all. Not even a little bit. Like… what?

I could go into more detail about how much I dislike this main character, but I think you get the picture. Now, those are just a few of the things that keeps running through my mind when reading this.

THIS WAS ALMOST A DNF. But then I said I would give it one more go. Because I hate not finishing a book. Hate, hate, hate.

So here is part two of my review.


Well, I finished it. The book gets a little better in the sense that I was curious about how the story ended. However, I was still rolling my eyes at the complete cliche aspects, grammar errors, the choppy story line, repetitive content, and how after a two days the leading characters are desperate for/drawn to each other just from screwing and having minimal talking sessions. They don’t really know each other!! I don’t know… I’m just not feeling how these two are drawn to each other besides lust. It definitely has the instalove vibe going on.

In one of the scenes from the past, there is a character referred to as Nash, then Nate, then Nash, then Nate. For a moment I thought, okay, maybe there are twins and I’m just missing something. Nope. One person. Now, maybe Nash or Nate was a nickname? Or a last name? Still, the author flip flops when using this characters name, and it was confusing. The author doesn’t tell you! Maybe it’s a constant error and should be one or the other?

There was another whole paragraph where she was writing about Lexie going in to meet John when Lexie wouldn’t have been born at this point. It was a past scene and she meant Lexie’s mom, Mary – aka Beth. In the paragraph before and after, the author write about the correct character – Mary. The author also doesn’t use Mary only in scenes from the past. She flip flops after a couple paragraphs. Granted, I knew who she was talking about, but when writing, you need to stay consistent, and this was not. It actually caused me to pause while reading.

In my mind, I was screaming, “How could no one catch these issues in editing?!” I can understand a slip here and there with grammar and typos, but I found so many errors that I wanted to scream. If she didn’t have an editor, she should have invested in one. If she did, she should invest in a better one.

Another issue: it felt almost like YA (because, again, Lexie – MC – seemed childish) until the tits and dicks got all hard and shit. Then it’s supposed to be filled with suspense that could have been there, should have been there, but was completely lacking only because she didn’t write it to the point where I could feel the tension. I was just reading words on a page. I feel like the author didn’t know what she wanted to write about honestly. Don’t get me wrong, I love when genres are mixed and the story flows, but this was too choppy. It didn’t work for me.

Degrees of Distortion had so much potential. And the fact that it’s going to be a series bothers me, because if I had enjoyed reading it, I would be all about buying the next one! I’m a series fanatic, and just disappointed. Again, the story was there – it’s why I pushed myself to finish reading – but it wasn’t done well. While others have enjoyed reading it, I can’t do it.

P.S. This review is marked as uncategorized because I honestly don’t know where to put it.





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