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Hide and Seek Her by H.B. Stumbo


Hide and Seek Her by H.B. Stumbo – 3.5 stars

I’m reading the older edition of this book (H.B. Stumbo released a new edition shortly after I had purchased this book and the second in the series), so I’m not going to go hard and heavy on grammar/typo’s. Just know, they were there. And I was mentally fixing them all as I went. So get the most recent edition if you decide to purchase!

Starting out, the prologue was intriguing. It caught my attention right away and I was anxious to dig in and start putting the pieces together. The story line wasn’t the smoothest or most convincing, but it wasn’t bad. Sometimes it seemed as though the characters overreacted with each other. Sometimes Charlotte irritated me, and I wanted to smack her upside the head. It was difficult for me to connect with her.

Honestly, the overall plot of the story is what kept me going more than anything else. The sense that something bigger was looming in the distance. This book was mostly about the romance growing between Charlotte and Vance, but it was easy to tell that this was not a typical romance story. There was an ere of mystery and I was ecstatic when it started picking up.

One of my favorite moments in this book was when Vance and her were finally going to be together after fighting against the pull between them. Instead of taking her right there and then like most books that I’ve read, he actually said he wanted to take things slow.


The story was good, but for me it was a bit predictable. This was H.B. Stumbo’s debut novel, and for her first, I’d say she did well. Having read her latest book, Every Pane of Glass, I can say the author has definitely grown into her writing.

Again, I read an older version, so this review may not be accurate anymore.

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