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Finders Keep Her (Hide and Seek Her #2) by H.B. Stumbo


Finders Keep Her (Hide and Seek Her #2) by H.B. Stumbo

This is the second book in a series and unfortunately, it’s very difficult to leave a review without disclosing how the first book ended. I will say this book tugged at my heart more than the first. Especially towards the half-way point and through the end. H.B. Stumbo was able to keep me fully entranced.

There were a couple moments where I teared up. A few scenes really got to me and I applaud Stumbo for pulling those emotions out. I love when I feel like I’m there with the characters.

I have to say, I feel that Charlotte was still on occasion difficult for me to feel connected to, but I felt closer with here in this book than the first one.

So, I’m not going to go into anymore details for the sake of not wanting to give anything away. If you read the first book and are still intrigued, it just gets better.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting for Stumbo to get the third book out! That cliffhanger, though!

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