Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Wolfsong by T.J. Klune


Wolfsong by T.J. Klune

WOW. Wowowowowowowow.

This book was beautiful and tragic and filled with mythical moon magic! (Inside joke.) It took my breath away countless times. Probably one of the most fascinating tales I’ve read. This book tugged at my heart strings so many times. So. Many. Times. 

I laughed. I cried. I hated. I mourned. I loved. I howled. (At least my heart did.)

The most wonderful thing about Ox is that while he is ordinary, while he is nothing special, he proves that to others we are everything. No matter how little we see in ourselves. This story reminds us that we mean something to others. That while people may put you down and “give you shit,” you don’t have to take it. You can prove them all wrong. And it’s so damn beautiful.

“Because even if you couldn’t hear me when I called for you, the howl in my heart was always meant for you.”

If you’re looking for an MM Romance with crazy amounts of feels, this is definitely it. I’m not a MM reader personally, but this was… Amazing. Absolutely wonderful.

Rating: 5 stars

Favorite quotes:

I wondered if I would ever etch my past onto my skin in swirls and colors and shapes.

It’s like something so lovely can’t just be lovely. It also has to be harsh and corroding. It’s a complexity I didn’t understand.

“You don’t get to decide what you’re worth because you obviously don’t know. You don’t get to decide that anymore because you have no fucking idea that you’re worth everything.”

It hurt, but in a good way. Sometimes, pain can be good.

Sometimes, when your heart gets so full, it takes away your voice and all you can do is hold on for dear life.

But hearts are a funny thing; they beat strongly in our chests, even though they can shatter at the slightest pressure.

“Nothing else matters if I can’t have you. Just let me, please just let me.”


Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson. He said that Ox wasn’t worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.

Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road, the boy who talked and talked and talked. Ox found out later the boy hadn’t spoken in almost two years before that day, and that the boy belonged to a family who had moved into the house at the end of the lane.

Ox was seventeen when he found out the boy’s secret, and it painted the world around him in colors of red and orange and violet, of Alpha and Beta and Omega.

Ox was twenty-three when murder came to town and tore a hole in his head and heart. The boy chased after the monster with revenge in his bloodred eyes, leaving Ox behind to pick up the pieces.

It’s been three years since that fateful day—and the boy is back. Except now he’s a man, and Ox can no longer ignore the song that howls between them.

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