One Hundred Breaths Later by Hayley Stumbo

33099164Don’t let them unbutton you, sink into your veins, and fashion an ashtray from your bones.

I received an ARC from this wonderful lady and I’m so excited that the release date is finally near so I can share just how STUNNING this writer is. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First of all, I had started reading HB Stumbo from her latest novel release, Every Pane of Glass. The story hooked me and I had to read more of her work. Little did I know that she has the soul of a poet buried inside.

One hundred breaths later, she’s sharing it with us.

Yes, be honored.

I pretendedhis hands were yours.
I begged his lips to stain me the way yours had done so long ago.
I cried when I realized he loved me,
because you never did.

While some of these pieces I personally could not relate to, I felt every emotion. Hayley has a way with expression that I had only glimpsed in her novels. But here, in this short collection, you will get a full taste of the author behind the desk.


I’m a poetry lover myself, but I find I’m quite picky with styles and how some people express themselves. But she has reached in and gripped my core with her words.

Hayley’s prose will hum in your bones.

She just offered up a part of her soul.

And I love her even more.

You row like an oar through the
veins of my soul,
and maybe that’s where you’re supposed to be.
Tearing through me.

You did just that, Hayley. You tore through me. Thank you for the honor of reading this magnificent collection!

One Hundred Breaths Later will be available February 3rd and is currently available for preorder here!

Rating: 5 Poetic Stars!!!


I’ve got such an envious heart;
it sloshes and aches
when you touch her face,
and I don’t know what to do with it,
other than to just

Taken straight from the journals these poetic memoirs came from, One Hundred Breaths Later is a collection of love, loss, guilt, strength, and what it feels like to be vulnerable in a world that is resilient.

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