Whiskey Words & a Shovel III by R.H. Sin

32894545While I enjoyed reading this book, I didn’t feel much emotion ebbing from the pages. In poetry, I’m searching for words that either make me think or make me feel. The great stuff will do a little of both.

This had some pieces that caused me to think. Others that caused me to feel. None that really did both to the extent I hoped for.

That does NOT mean this is a bad collection. It’s just not a favorite of mine. For me, it fell a little short, but it was still a great read. There were some pieces (one or two liners) that did absolutely nothing for me. Those pieces tend to resonate as something anyone could/would say. Not poetry (in my opinion). But fortunately, there weren’t too many of those.

This is a beautiful collection with some shout out’s to the woman he loves. His words caused me to think over my past relationships and analyze them more closely. And you know what, r.h. Sin was right. It wasn’t my fault they couldn’t love me. Yes, I should have left sooner. No, I will not go back to a one-sided kind of love. Yes, a strong and independent woman like myself does need a strong and independent man and should never settle for less.

Like I stated above, these pieces mostly had my mind thinking back and analyzing. That’s some good poetry right there. However, the fact that I wasn’t sucked in emotionally, was a little disappointing. There were some pieces that pulled me in marginally, but nothing touched me in my depths.

That’s where poetry is meant to go. Deep and dark with honesty.

While this is a good collection, it’s not great. It’s not my favorite. But it’s still one that I feel should be a part of any poetry collection.

Rating: 3.5 stars


Bestselling poet r.h. Sin completes the trilogy with Whiskey Words & a Shovel III! His raw voice delivers gritty, impassioned truths on matters of loving, living, and leaving in this final book in the series.
r.h. Sin’s final volume in the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series expands on the passion and vigor of his first two installments. His stanzas inspire strength through the raw, emotional energy and the vulnerability of his poems. Relationships, love, pain, and fortitude are powerfully rendered in his poetry, and his message of perseverance in the face of emotional turmoil cuts to the heart of modern-day life. At roughly 300 pages, this culminating volume will be his lengthiest yet.

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