DNF, Poetry

Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

18689968DNF 24%

of all.
does not

Second, I don’t like a lot of the content. A divided mentality. This is definitely for a certain group of people. The first 10% had me thinking, what am I reading? The next chunk, I read 2 pieces that I actually liked that had substance to it. Then one piece slammed the mallet home.

white people are not chinese.
because they are born/live in china.
white people are not indian.
because they are born/live in india.
white people are not african.
because they are born/live on a continent they
murdered their way into.

– there is no such thing as a white african | colonial blood myths | a revisionist history

This was one of quite a few similar pieces. I get that stuff happened in the past, but this is awfully judgmental in general.

Also, it is my belief that there can be white Africans the same as there can be black Americans.

Not. For. Me.

I won’t be wasting my time on this anymore.

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